Notes and Guidelines for Registration for Festive Hours of Worship in The British Isles


  • Please complete and submit the online form to register for a festival.
  • Children wishing to attend the Children’s Hour should be registered on the same form by the adult accompanying them
  • Seekers wishing to participate in the Seekers’ Hour should make the request personally via the contact form on this website or by post to the Grail Administration, Sidcup.
  • However seekers aged 14 years and above who are the children of Cross-bearers may be registered on the same registration form by their parent/guardian
  • It is also possible to register for the Seekers Hour on the Fore Festival day.
  • Verbal registration from third parties will not be accepted.

Registration Deadlines

  • Festival of the Holy Dove                                                   3rd May
  • Festival of the Pure Lily                                                      9th August
  • Festival of the Radiant Star                                               3rd December

Please note that after the deadline online registration forms will not  be accepted. You will therefore need to register at your chosen location on Fore -Festival day ONLY. This is dependent on availability of spaces and if time permits. An additional late registration fee will be charged. (Please see notes on fees below)

Contributions towards Festival costs

  • Zone A (Blanefield, Belfast, Hinckley)                                £15.00
  • Zone B (Harrow, Sidcup)                                                      £20.00
  • Late registration fee                                                             £10.00

Payment method: By Cash on collection of Festival Cards

Cancellation Fees

  • Cancellation up to 10 days before a Festival:                   £10.00
  • Cancellation shorter than 10 days before a Festival:      £20.00

Collection of Festival Cards

  • Festival cards are handed out at times specified by the Circle (usually between 2pm and 4pm on the Fore Festival day). Please contact the location at which you are registered if you require further clarification on this.

Guidelines on Dress

Full dress code guidelines for Festivals and Hours of Worship are available here but in summary:

  • Women wear festive attire for the Fore Festival. A Festival dress with a white belt is worn for Festive Hours of Worship. (In some locations there are dresses available for hire but please notify the respective Circle of your requirements at least 4 weeks before the Festival).
  • Gentlemen wear a black suit or national attire for the Fore Festival. Tails, morning coat, national formal attire or at least a black suit (with a white shirt and a silver tie) is worn for High Festival and After Festival Hours of Worship.
  • National formal attire, where worn, should conform to the guidelines in colour and in design where so stated.
  • Seekers must be dressed in accordance with the stated guidelines for Hours of Worship.
  • Children must be dressed in a manner that befits the occasion. –