We human beings are on earth to develop spiritually. Throughout history, many people have had the urge to pursue this high goal, with a view to establishing noble structures based on the veneration of God.

This did not happen simultaneously or uniformly on this earth, but always only through the development of the characteristics of individual groups of people. The characteristics of such groups were formed in particular through the volition and actions of the individual personalities making up these groups. The individual is a part of his group of people and through the goals he strives for, he contributes to the nature as well as the behaviour of the respective group. Uniformity amongst human beings is not desirable because the necessary stimulation which only arises through diversity would be lacking. This stimulation leads to changes and development which are necessary for human existence. In addition, the recognition and acknowledgement of the desired diversity of mankind bring about the sequential recognition of the purpose.

The individual restricts himself to his personal thoughts and opinions. In the shared experiencing of the thoughts and opinions, as well as of the actions of his fellow men, the individual gains helpful experiences which enrich his life. Thus there gradually arises in him an open, multifaceted way of thinking and acting that also leads to a more conscious life. The Grail Movement in the British Isles is a platform for people whose highest goal is the striving towards the perception of the one and only Godhead. This Godhead is the Creator, Who can only be perceived in His Creation and its laws. The published Work “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin offers knowledge that facilitates this striving.