Aims & Objectives

The underlying premise of the Grail Movement in the British Isles is the wish to open up to mankind the path for a conscious life. The basis as well as the starting point of this is the work “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message”, which gives insight into the many unanswered questions of man’s existence as well as the responsibilities he bears as a result.

The Grail Movement, therefore, is not a religion, but a platform for all those people, who out of free conviction, have set themselves the high goal of the striving towards a clearer understanding of the one and only God, and fulfilling His Will.

Many readers of the Grail Message feel it is important that they work together with others to increase the awareness of the Grail Message. Abd-ru-shin himself makes mention of the criteria for this in his Grail Message. The individual reader must come to terms, objectively and without prejudice, with the statements of the Grail Message; the prerequisite being that the reader is truly seeking spiritual values and also wishes to apply the recognitions gained to his personal life. All forms of soliciting or undue influencing of others in order to spread the Grail Message, contradict the statements in the book itself and are not to be followed. The foundation for the Grail Movement in the British Isles shares the same criteria in this respect. The Grail Movement as the name itself implies, is from its origin, not a solidly formed organisation. It is a “movement” consisting of readers and adherents of the Grail Message, each individually striving to realise their mutual aim.

As well as the wish to deepen their understanding, there is also the desire  of many readers to attend Hours of Worship which, in the sense of the Grail Message, are known as joint hours for the worship of God.

In addition to the above, the organisation of topic-related meetings for readers and adherents of the Grail Message and the provision of suitable facilities in which to hold them is another objective of the Grail Movement. Participation in such meetings is, for each individual, an entirely voluntary decision. The exchange of ideas from person to person is the principal feature, whereby the independence of the individual is positively enhanced. Such exchange meetings are primarily for adults and the choice of topics reflects this.

In its statements the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” consolidates the teachings of Christ as given to mankind by Him, over 2000 years ago. In its choice of words, as well as through shedding light on man’s way of life, the Grail Message stands in stark contrast to many aspects of some of the teachings of the churches. This leads to the Grail Movement often being regarded as a sect. However, the  Grail Movement is in no way to be regarded as a sect. Every affiliation to a sect is vehemently rejected in the statements of the Grail Message. Furthermore, as it is founded on complete freedom and the personal responsibility of the individual, as explained in the Grail Message, the Grail Movement is devoid of any premise that could justify any misconception that it is a sect.